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Black Sea Littoral States Border/Coast Guard Agencies Cooperation Forum (BSCF)

The Meetings of the Leaders of the BSCF began with the initiative and under the leadership of Turkey in 2000 with the participation of Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, Russian Federation and Ukraine.

BSCF was established following the agreement signed in the framework of the decision taken during the 7th Meeting of the Leaders of the Black Sea Littoral States Border/Coast Guard Agencies in Istanbul on November 07–09, 2006.

Some of the goals of the BSCF are;

• To develop peace and stability in the Black Sea among the Black Sea Littoral States on the basis of mutual trust and security,

• To develop the existing cooperation between the Border/Coast Guard Authorities of the parties in order to prevent flow of narcotics, psychotropic substances and their derivatives, ammunition, explosives, poisonous and heavy illicit radioactive substances, petroleum smuggling, irregular migration, terrorist operations and other illegal activities while fostering safety and security of the navigation in the Black Sea,

• To establish cooperation in order to protect the natural resources of the Black Sea, prevent marine pollution, the violation of laws on fisheries and to increase the effectiveness of search and rescue activities by close coordination and cooperation.

Following activities are conducted annually among the Littoral States in the scope of the BSCF Agreement:

• Visits between units, headquarters and institutions,

• Bilateral / Multilateral Meetings,

• Assignment of observers to the exercises,

• Training the personnel of the corresponding Border/Coast Guard Agencies in the affiliated Education and Training Units of Border/Coast Guard Agencies,

• Exchange of units and personnel,

• Port visits by coast guard boats,

Within the context of BSCF, the 17th Leaders Meeting was held between the dates of 29 November–01 December 2016 in Burgas/Bulgaria. The BSCF chairmanship was handed over from Russian Federation to Bulgaria in that meeting.

 Within the context of BSCF activities following Working Group Meetings are being conducted:

“Maritime Security and Safety of Navigation in the Black Sea” hosted by Turkey,

“Development of Information Exchange and Analysis of the Operational Situation” hosted by Bulgaria,

“Development of Common Preventive System for Early Detection of Illegal Activities” hosted by Romania and “Information Exchange via the Automated Information Exchange System (AIES) and Information Systems Development” hosted by Russia.


 Mediterranean Coast Guard Functions Forum (MCGFF)

 The meetings of “Mediterranean Coast Guard Functions Forum (MCGFF)” were initiated in 2009 with the participation of Mediterranean Littoral States Coast Guard (and related) agencies and international/regional/EU organizations as observers. Previous meetings were held in Italy (2009), France (2012), Spain(2013), Portugal (2014) and Italy(2016) aiming to reach general objectives of the forum specified as follows:

To promote a Forum for the adequate level of discussion, exchanging information on judicial, technical and operational experiences within the framework of current law, and in close relationship with existing international and regional organizations specialized in maritime matters that enable to enhance maritime safety, security and environmental protection activities as well as partnership that allow to find solutions to avoid regional risks and threats in the Mediterranean Basin.

Turkey is currently leading the chairmanship of the said forum and will handover in 2017. The current secretariat is carried out by Turkey, Italy and Morocco.

Sahil Güvenlik Komutanlığı

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  Sahil Güvenlik Komutanlığı