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Coastal Surveillance Radar System Project

Coastal Surveillance Radar System Project (CSRSP) was put into effect by the Executive Committee of the Defense Industry on 12 December 2006 in order to establish Recognized Maritime Picture regarding homeland security and augment the efficiency of the Turkish Coast Guard Command to conduct its responsibilities assigned with the Law No. 2692 as a law enforcement unit in its responsibility area, including Turkish territorial waters, Turkish Exclusive Economic Zone, Turkish Search and Rescue Zone, which corresponds to a total area of 377.172 km2.
More specifically the project aims to detect, identify and track the maritime vessels in the responsibility area of Turkish Coast Guard Command on 24-hours basis through the use of sensors, such as radar, electro optic, direction finder, automatic identification systems and to assess, display, integrate all the related data gathered by the current surveillance systems to Operations Centers of the Coast Guard as well.

Multimission Helicopter Project

A new Project was started to procure helicopters which have longer endurance and much more survivability capacity than AB 412 EP helicopters. Procurement procedure for these helcopters is continuing.

Aircraft Modification Project

The inventory of the Coast Guard Command includes CN-235 CASA aircraft. In order to modify this aircraft for coast guard duties, a Modification and Integration Project has been implemented in TAI facilities since 2004. The Project is planned to be completed by 2012.

Advanced Rapid Intervention Boat Project

An order was issued to Yonca Technical Shipyard on 06 May 2005 for the construction of a Kaan-19 class boat under the scope of the “Expeditious Intervention Boat Project”. Provisional acceptance of the boat was conducted on 18 September 2006. Executive Committee of the Defense Industry decided that a new boat would be procured during its meeting dated 5 December 2007 due to the fact that the performance values of the boat built as a research and development activity were found to be acceptable by Coast Guard Command. Project was commissioned by signing of the contract on 10 November 2011. First boat is supposed to join the inventory of TCGC in the first quarter of 2012. All of the 17 boats are planned to be constructed with in 5 years.

Turkish Coast Guard 190 Ton Boat Project

80 class CG Boats which were built in İstanbul Shipyard within the frame of the 1st and 2nd packages of the Project are now part of the Coast Guard Inventory. In the context of this Project which comprises construction of totally 6 boats, 4 boats have joined the inventory and 2 are planned to be provisionally accepted in 2011.

CG Search and Rescue Vessel Project

The tender was finalized in 30 June 2006 and a contract was signed with RMK Marine Ship Construction Industrial and Maritime Transportation Enterprises İnc. Co. on 16 January 2007. The first and second ships built in the context of this Project have been launched to sea and all four ships are planned to be cunstructed by the end of 2012.

Turkish Coast Guard 600 Class Procurement Ship Project

Turkish Coast Guard 600 Class Ship Project is under implementation, in addition to the 1700 top ships, fort he purpose of performing the coast guard missions more effectively in the Exclusive Economic Zone and up to search and rescue borders, under heavy weather conditions. The first one of 8 ships to be constructed under the project is scheduled to be integrated to the inventory in 2016. Currently preparation fort he Request For Proposal document is under process.



Sahil Güvenlik Komutanlığı

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